Arts & Culture in Downtown Blacksburg

Blacksburg, a Creative Village

Blacksburg, known by many as A Creative Village is steadily transforming into Southwest Virginia’s premier arts and culture destination. With unique storefront galleries, the historic Lyric Theatre, outdoor gathering and performance areas, and the Moss Arts Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech, there is no shortage of arts related activities in this university town.

In addition to the town’s various visual and performing arts venues, cultural opportunities, and historic landmarks such as the Alexander Black House, St. Luke and Odd Fellows Hall, and Smithfield Plantation, there is also a multitude of regional organizations committed to serving the area’s arts and cultural interests.

The Lyric Theatre

The Heart of Blacksburg

Visiting the Lyric Theatre for the first time is an unforgettable experience. If you’re not awed by the original 1930 tapestries, the golden glow of the replica lanterns, or the charm of the restored lobby and auditorium, you’ll at least be impressed with our family and student friendly prices and the best tasting popcorn in Southwestern Virginia!

While we hope you’ll visit our theatre in person, the brief history and the renovation photos section will give you a sense of the space and the incredible community effort that brought the Lyric back to life after nearly a decade of darkness.


The Mission of the Lyric Council is to enhance community participation in arts and culture by:

• Maintaining and preserving the Lyric Theatre

• Partnering with community arts groups, through the Lyric Theatre and the Community Arts and Information Office, to provide a diversity of films, live programs, arts information, and gallery opportunities and exhibitions to the community

• Establishing and promoting Blacksburg, Virginia as an arts destination for the region

The Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech’s Moss Arts Center presents renowned artists from around the globe and from close to home, with a special focus on experiences that expand cultural awareness and deepen understanding. Uniquely partnered with the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology, the Moss Arts Center houses the Street and Davis Performance Hall and its Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre, visual art galleries, the experimental venue the Cube, and research studios.

The Moss Arts Center is creating a thriving creative community fueled by inspiration, where patrons have meaningful experiences, enjoying arts of the highest caliber in a wide variety of forms.

The Moss Arts Center transforms lives through exploration and engagement with the arts and creative process.

The arts will be a deeply embedded and highly valued part of life at Virginia Tech, in Southwest Virginia, and for members the Virginia Tech community wherever they live and work in the world.

The Moss Arts Center is dedicated to learning, discovery and engagement. We believe that engagement with the arts can transform lives and improve the human experience and that through a diverse range of programs, our audiences, artists, faculty, staff, students of all ages, and communities can experience significant growth and development.

Market Square Jam

Blacksburg’s Market Square Jam is an official Crooked Road affiliated venue that provides fun and entertainment on Wednesday evenings, June through September. The Jam takes place at Market Square Park from 8-10 p.m.

Catering to traditional old time music, the Market Square Jam brings regional musicians together to pick a tune, enjoy fun times with their friends and family, and take in all that downtown Blacksburg has to offer.

In Appalachia, Old-Time Music refers to a variety of traditional music styles - ballads, folk songs, fiddle and banjo tunes, sacred songs, and even some popular songs recorded in the early 20th century. It grew out of a mix of cultural influences - Scots-Irish, English, German, African, Native American, French and others - that shaped Appalachia.

Traditional stringed instruments starting with the fiddle and banjo, and later the guitar, upright bass, and dulcimer predominate. This music was originally played for family and friends, but with the invention of recording and radio in the early 20th century it was played more and more for public entertainment and profit. Several times it has seemed on the verge of extinction, but it has always revived. Today it flourishes through family gatherings, as well radio, television, and the internet, not to mention the hundreds of festivals that take place throughout the year, and gatherings like the Market Square Jam in downtown Blacksburg

If you’re a musician or just interested in learning, come on out to the Jam and play with the best. Or, if you’re just looking for a place to kick back on a Wednesday night, bring a chair or a blanket and join us at the park.

Sidewalk Stage

Interested in showcasing your talent in downtown Blacksburg? Come on out and give it a try.

Some call it busking, but in Blacksburg we call it Sidewalk Stage, where downtown public spaces offer a welcoming backdrop for creative expression, and the cultural contribution and diversity of entertainment is valued.

16 Frogs

The 16 Frogs is a public arts project with a social conscience. The frogs are designed to help restore and maintain Stroubles Creek through public education, inspired by art and informed by town history.

Finding the frogs is fun, and educational for all ages! Be sure to visit the website for the map and details about each frog!
Be Hoppy!

Storm Drain Mural Project

To raise awareness of the water quality impacts of pollution entering our waterways via storm drains the Town of Blacksburg has partnered with local artists to install four original murals on selected storm drains in the downtown area.

Take a walk downtown and find the murals. Details available at website below.

Blacksburg Regional Arts Association

The Blacksburg Regional Art Association is a group of artists in Blacksburg, Va., and the surrounding area. The association is dedicated to the pursuit and enjoyment of art both personally and in the community.

Established in 1950, the association has continued through the all-volunteer efforts of creative people of all ages and styles of art, the enthusiastic support of the community and the ever-present urge to see, create and enjoy beauty in the world around us.

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