Native Voices Panel Discussion

Moderator and Panelist information
September 20, 2016
6:00 - 7:00 PM
Held concurrently at: Newman Library 1st Floor Multipurpose Room (MAP) - 560 Drillfield Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24061 & Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine- 2 Riverside Circle Suite M140, Roanoke, VA 24016


Week Long Events
Caught Green Handed
What Color Is Water?

Sunday, September 18
Historic Smithfield – Tour and Service Project
16 Frogs Ribbon Cutting
KickOff Celebration – Sustainability Week 10th Anniversary

Monday, September 19
Shop & Dine Day Fundraiser – Susan Garrison Fund
Electric Vehicle Workshop
Plastic Bag Give Back/Swap Out Day
SHED Talks

Tuesday, September 20
Service Project – Invasive Species at Stadium Woods

Wednesday, September 21
Active Commute Celebration
American Chestnut Reintroduction Project
Children’s Art Project – “What Color Is Water” + Sustainable Blacksburg Booth
Local Films & Filmmakers Night

Thursday, September 22
New River Valley TimeBank KickOff
Campus Tree Planting
Sustainability Week 2016 Celebration Ceremony
Solar Energy Workshop
20×20 Night: Fast-Paced & Fun Presentations

Friday, September 23
Ecosystem Walk Behind Blacksburg High School

Saturday, September 24
Green Tailgating – VT Homecoming
Outdoor Family Class: Seed to Harvest

Sunday, September 25
Community Garden Tour, Food Tasting, & Solar Homes Tour

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Beyond 1492: What the Land has to Teach for a Sustainable Future

Join Monacan Horticulturalist Victoria Ferguson and others to learn about native plants and intercropping techniques used in planting part of the community garden at the VT Turfgrass Research Center.
October 10, 2016
4:00-5:00 PM
Turfgrass Research Center, 615 Southgate Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24061

Blacksburg DC Fast Charger 

As part of Energy Awareness Month, the Town of Blacksburg is proud to announce the installation of the first publicly-available, DC Fast Charger south of Roanoke. This charger will enable owners of electric vehicles traveling along I-81 or Route 460 to re-charge their vehicles quickly and conveniently while visiting downtown Blacksburg. The charging station is located in the Municipal Building Parking Lot at 300 S. Main Street.

“Blacksburg is a Town that is committed to a cleaner energy future. We’re so grateful to VCC and their partners for helping to broker installation of this DC fast charger, which will enable residents and visitors alike to plug in, grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat downtown, and be on their way in about 30 minutes, with a ‘full’ electric tank,” said Carol Davis, Sustainability Manager for the Town of Blacksburg. “We’re looking forward to sharing this exciting announcement with our community and surrounding area.”


• According to the Clean Virginia Waterways website hosted by Longwood College: “Balloons are hazards when they enter the aquatic environment because they can look a great deal like jellyfish—a major source of food for many animals. Sea turtles, dolphins, whales, fish, and seabirds have been reported with balloons in their stomachs.” Also, the strings used to tie the balloons can entangle fish and birds as well.

• At the very least, balloons that land on ground end up as litter. Latex balloons are known to take years to biodegrade in contrast to the balloon industry which claim they are biodegradable.

• Helium is a nonrenewable resource that is in short supply and more urgently needed for medical use and research purposes.

Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. acknowledges the potential dangers to the environment which can be caused by helium filled balloons.
Therefore the use of helium balloons at festivals and events presented by Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. will not be permitted.

Balloons filled with helium are not allowed to be sold, given away, on display, or in the booth of any vendor. Balloons that are not filled with helium, such as water balloons and balloons used to create balloon animals are allowed but must be correctly disposed of in a trash can after use.
Policy Adopted October 2014


Our events have once again acheived Green Event Status with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

Summer Solstice Fest- June 18  Details Here

Art at the Market- Saturday July 16   Details Here

Steppin' Out- Aug 5-6   Details Here

Please support our green efforts by carpooling, walking, biking or taking the bus to our events!!


Compact Fluorescent Lamps, printer cartridges and batteries: Use Them, and Recycle Them Downtown

In an effort to be more Green many of us are making the switch to compact fluorescent lamps, (CFL). These lights last longer than the standard incandescent bulbs and use less energy. But, unlike incandescent bulbs, CFL's cannot be thrown in the trash. They contain a small amount of mercury, which allows the lamps to be more efficient, but mercury is toxic and must be disposed of properly.

The Downtown Merchants of Blacksburg have made it their mission to help out with the proper disposal of CFL's, batteries and printer cartridges.  Please tape the ends of your batteries or individually bag them before dropping them off at one of the collection points in downtown Blacksburg. The following businesses will accept CFL's, batteries and printer cartridges and take them to the correct recycle collection points at no charge to you:

Colley Architects
Community Arts Information Office
EATS Natural Foods
Heavener Hardware
The Artful Lawyer Gallery Store
Wireless Zone

The Bike Barn accepts used bike tires, inner tubes and metal bike parts for recycling.
Heavener Hardware has a cardboard compactor available for public use to recycle cardboard.


The Town of Blacksburg has already installed the “split can inserts” into 6 existing cans (half is devoted to trash and half recycling). They are located at:
• 316 N. Main Street @Chipolte.
• 400 N. Main Street @Tobacco Shop.
• 208 N. Main Street @ front of 310 Rosemont
• N. Main Street @ Post Office Corner.
• N. Main Street @ Old NBB Bank.
• N. Main Street @ Capones.

They have also installed one new recycle only can and one new duel can (½ trash – ½ recycling), both at DP Dough.

There are 7 more locations remaining to install – coming soon:
• Draper Road @ Farmers Market – two new duel cans.
• Draper Road @ Armory Building – one new recycle only can.
• Draper Road @ Armory Building Stairs - one new recycle only can.
• N. Main Street @ Sharkeys – one new recycle only can.
• 322 N. Main Street @ Hokie House – one new recycle only can.
• N. Main Street @ Cooks Clean Center – one new recycle only can.
• N. Main Street @ crosswalk @ Mike’s Grille - one new recycle only can.

The Downtown Merchants of Blacksburg have also committed to follow the DEQ guidelines and officially make all of our events Virginia Green!

For information about Environmental Sustainability in Blacksburg click here.
For information about  Ride Solutions click here

For information about Sustainable Blacksburg click here.

For information from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, (DEQ) visit:

Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.  |  P.O. Box 233  |  Blacksburg, Virginia 24063  |  (540) 951-0454  |