Alexander Black House
Exhibit runs through April 24
Local artist Joe Kelley will speak at a reception for his new exhibit "Natives."
This group of paintings imagines the past, present, and future of animals that live around our town of Blacksburg, Virginia.
These animal images are nominally paintings done with pigmented inks, but are more realistically in the realm of drawings. "Natives" conveys the sense of awe the artist feels when spotting an animal in its own environment.

Armory Gallery
Our artist of the week is Jay Ryan, a screen print artist. The Bird Machine print shop in the basement of his apartment building. Jay's initial clients were his friends' bands, his own band, and the clubs where they played. By stumbling into the right place at the right time, he fell in with a new movement of screen printed poster makers across the country and around the world.

Jay established a reputation for hand-drawn text and a computer-free design process. His prints aim to attain the same goals as other concert posters, but using raccoons and toasters instead of skulls, breasts and hot rods.

Art Pannonia
Featuring abstract photographs by creative expressionist Pippi Miller.
The daughter of Robert Miller, Blacksburg's first gallery owner, and an interior decorator for a mother, Pippi grew up in the New River Valley, surrounded by fine art. Combining creative art, commercial design and photo applications, she has become an accomplished printmaker. Her giclee prints are the best today. She is also an excellent portrait photographer, and has her own personal style for weddings and sport events.

Blacksburg Library
Radford University Watercolor Exhibit
Displayed throughout April at the Blacksburg Library
This exhibition showcases art by International Award Winning Watercolor Artist and Professor Master Z.L. Feng and his Radford University Drawing and Watercolor Graduate Students: Jordan Blevins Lively, Nathan Popp, Bonnie Caton, Emily Bowman, Thomas Bowman, Layla Dobos, Keturie Hehn, and Jarrod Wilson.

Community Arts Information Office
Featuring the photography of David Pearce. 

Eucalyptus Massage Therapy
Art Exhibit 'Organic Energy' by Tom Wilkinson
An exhibit of paintings and photographs that focus on light, motion and essence of energy found within natural objects and inspired in part by the artist's 2014 journey to Peru to learn from Peruvian Shamans.

Matrix Gallery
Our featured Artist will be our own Blacksburg Potter Beverly Nachlas
Beverly just unloaded her Kiln, so come on by to see her newest pieces!

Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea
Joy Rosenthal, Photography
Kathy Elich, Serigraphs and Pottery

P. Buckley Moss Gallery
Displaying a changing exhibit of contemporary original watercolors as well as limited edition prints and other collectible items by the well known Virginian artist.

Perspective Gallery
Reconstituting the Vanished: Gender, Memory, and Placemaking in the Delta South by artist Lynda Frese and text by Barbara Allen. 

The Artful Lawyer, A Fine Gallery Inc.
“Art Through the Eras” Exhibit. For our first show of 2015, we invited artists to a juried show in which we asked them to imitate the old masters and create something new for a brand new year. And respond they did! We have a beautiful array of over 40 pieces including painting, photography, and mixed media as they fit into the interpretation of the following eras:
Dutch Still Life
Abstract Expressionism
Outsider Art or “Raw Art”
Pop Art
See what historic eras influence our community artists and behold some very fresh, exciting material!
On display until April 8.

The Center for the Arts
Threaded Exhibition
Ruth C. Horton Gallery
Based in upper New York state, Shinique Smith has become acclaimed for her exuberant, boldly colored paintings, sculptures, and installations. Made with fabric, paint, found objects, and used clothing, her paintings and sculptures incorporate elements of graffiti, Japanese calligraphy, and collage in densely patterned and textured works that brim with dynamic energy. Smith’s sculptural forms, bundles of bound clothing suspended from the ceiling or bales standing tall on the floor, are inspired by the “vast vocabulary of what we consume and discard.” Social and sustainability issues aside, the work is also highly personal and introspective, referencing interior journeys of personal and spiritual growth. For this exhibition, Smith creates a site-specific installation with new paintings and hanging sculptures that evoke concepts that have to do with body, energy, and transcendence while building on metaphors of stretching, tethering, binding, and opening.

Sherwood Payne Quillen '71 Reception Gallery
Angelo Filomeno, an Italian-born, New York-based artist, creates opulent paintings stitched with luxurious threads. Embroidered on sumptuous, richly colored panels of shantung silk, his paintings portray a fantastical world of baroque floral patterns intertwined with exquisitely rendered fragments of plants, peacocks, crystals, skulls, scarabs, and insect forms. Drawing on a vast range of art historical influences, including the paintings and engravings Albrecht Dürer and Hieronymus Bosch, Filomeno’s works are steeped in allegorical references. Birds and scarabs, both symbols of transcendence and regeneration, take their place in Filomeno’s lavish works, alongside darker symbols of decay and decadence. With embroidered threads and silks that shimmer as they catch light, Filomeno’s works are enchanting and seductive while juxtaposing exquisite beauty with unnerving undertones of the macabre.

Miles C. Horton Jr. Gallery
For more than three decades, New York-based artist Polly Apfelbaum has created what she calls “fallen paintings,” large-scale, site-specific works on the floor made of fabric, which exist between painting, sculpture, and installation art. She is best known for installations of crushed velvet pieces arranged in expansive patterns on the floor that explore issues of domesticity, femininity, and decoration. For her exhibition here, titled City of Lights (2015), Apfelbaum fuses elements of abstraction, minimalism, and color field painting in a floor installation of vivid, sequined fabric pieces arranged with the structure of the gallery space in mind, with its many windows, and its changing progression of natural light. Viewers walking among bands of vibrant and shimmering color place themselves within the work, itself, to experience a heightened awareness of one’s body in relation to the art on view and its architectural surroundings. Perspective Gallery
Reconstituting the Vanished: Gender, Memory, and Placemaking in the Delta South by artist Lynda Frese and text by Barbara Allen. We will have "Free Tea" between 5 - 7 for those who stop by.

The Gallery at Mish Mish
Displaying the work of T. Truman Capone. This show is titled "MISOGI: Recent Mixed Media Works on Paper".

Friday June 5
Friday October 2
Friday December 4



The artwork of approved BRAA exhibiting members can always be found in Blacksburg. Various businesses in the area support us through an agreement which welcomes 2D and/or 3D artworks to be exhibited in their establishments on a quarterly or longer schedule.

Those community galleries are:
Community Arts Information Office
Brown Insurance
Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea
Real Life Dental Care
See Mark Optical
VTLS, Inc.
Zeppoli's Restaurant
VT Women's Center
Pointe West Management
Blue Ridge Cancer Care



Take a self-guided Tour of all of the Gallery Spaces in Blacksburg anytime you like but on the following First Fridays participating Galleries will remain open until 7pm.

Friday June 5
Friday October 2
Friday December 4

Art Pannonia
114 Main St.
Phone: 552 - 0336

Aureus Jewelry
119 N Main St, Suite 101
Phone: 552-3300

Blacksburg Museum & Cultural Foundation
Alexander Black House
204 Draper Rd
Phone: 558-0746

Blacksburg Public Library
200 Miller Street
Phone: 552-8246

Bollo’s Gallery
206 Draper Rd.
Phone: 953-1669

Capone’s Fine Jewelry
101 N. Main St
Phone: 953-1000

Center for the Arts at VT
Moss Arts Center, 190 Alumni Mall
Phone: 540-231-5300

Community Arts Information Office
149 College Avenue
Phone: 951-1772

Eucalyptus Massage Studio
201 S. Main St.
Phone: 540-552- CALM

Gillie’s Gallery
153 College Avenue
Phone: 961-2703

Hahn Horticulture Garden Gallery
200 Garden Lane

Holtzman Alumni Center
901 Prices Fork Road
Phone: 231-6285

John's Camera Corner & Gentry Studio
213 Draper Rd
Phone: 552-2319

Kent Jewelers
210 South Main St.
Phone: 552-3241

Matrix Gallery
115 North Main Street
Phone: 951-3566

Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea
700 N. Main St.
Phone: 552-7442

Nest Realty
400 N. Main St.
Phone: 800-325-6378

P. Buckley Moss Gallery
223 Gilbert St
Phone: 552-6446

Perspective Gallery
290 College Avenue Suite 225
Phone: 231-4053

Pita Vera
235 N. Main St
Phone: 552-9222

Pointe West Management
401 South Main St. Suite #102
Phone: 953-1341

The Artful Lawyer A Fine Gallery Inc.
The Creekmore Law Firm 318 N. Main St.
Phone: 443-9350

The Artful Place, A Fine Studio (A project of the Artful Lawyer)
106 Faculty Street
Phone: 443-9350

The Gallery at Mish Mish
125 North Main Street
Phone: 552-1020

The Social House
103 South Main Street
Phone: 961-0407

Warm Hearth Village
2387 Warm Hearth Drive
Phone: 443-3810

XYZ Gallery
223 N. Main St (upstairs)
Hours of Operation: Vary with show

For specific information on Downtown Blacksburg Events please contact:

Laureen Blakemore, Director
Tel: 540-951-0454 Email:

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