Art Walks in Downtown Blacksburg

Art Walk & Scavenger Hunt

Alexander Black House
The Alexander Black House & Cultural Center will host an artist's reception from 5-7 PM to highlight their new exhibit "The Green Tunnel: Works by Matt Gentry."
Appalachian Trail Hikers commonly call Virginia "The Green Tunnel." Virginia has more of the famous footpath than any other state with 550 miles of trail out of the 2,185 miles and 14 states that the Appalachian Trail runs through. This exhibit explores Virginia's Green Tunnel as it meanders through the Roanoke and New River Valleys.
Matt "Sharpie" Gentry is a Blacksburg citizen, artist, and photographer for the Roanoke Times. Gentry completed a three decades long section hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2014 and continues his involvement with the trail by volunteering as a trail maintainer. He earned the trail name Sharpie while keeping a sketch book journal of his hikes and adventures and continues to leave drawings and musings in shelter journals, written in Sharpie.
The exhibit is a companion to another exhibit, "Blacksburg's Hiking Culture," which explores what hiking does for our community, what hiking opportunities are available in and near Blacksburg, and what goes into making these trails safe and available for people. Matt Gentry's work will be on display until July 28; the hiking exhibit will be on display until September 1.

Art Pannonia
American impressionist TERRY LYON is the next featured artist at Art Pannonia. It is always a very exciting time to wait for the arrival of his new paintings. Mr Lyon is a traditional artist, who still uses oil paint on canvas with heavy brushstrokes that we can actually touch. He creates sophisticated women, beautiful dancers and nudes,
fresh still-life and breathtaking Virginia landscapes.

Terry Lyon is one of the best known, certainly the most beloved artist in the Roanoke and New River Valley. He participated in numerous art competitions in Virginia and other Eastern States, entering juried exhibitions and winning several important awards.
“Natural Selections” is the title of his new show. I know it will be a pleasure to prepare the exhibition and hang his paintings.
Meet - the - Artist - Reception
Friday, June 1st, 5 - 7pm

The Artful Lawyer
Drawing & Sculpture exhibit. Featuring some incredible sculptures including wood, alabaster, clay and more. To complement this medium and to showcase the varied process of sketching, on display are also drawings and sketches in pen, crayon, pencil and more. This multi-faceted show features Larry Bechtel (sculpture), David Pearce (sculpture), Elizabeth Carr (sculpture), Marie Collier (drawings/sketches), Matt Gentry(drawings/sketches), Sue Hossack (drawings/sketches), Jennifer Lovejoy (sculpture), Dennis Neale (sculpture), Nikki Pynn(drawing/sketches), Mary Ratliff (sculpture and drawings/sketches), Bob Rotche (sculpture), Elvira Skuzinski
(drawing/sketches), and Gerri Young (sculpture and drawings/sketches).
Meet some of the artists; light refreshments provided.

Blacksburg Library
5:00-7:00 P.m.
Create a small “Art Quilt”, a fabric postcard suitable for mailing, framing, or hanging. Supplies will be provide to the first 20 registered participants.

Community Arts Information Office
Featuring the works of painter Charlotte Chan and glass artists Larry Mitchell. Meet the artist reception with light refreshments.

Kent Jewelers
Stop by to see works of art by internationally renowned artists. 5-6:30pm

The Lyric Theatre
Featuring a special exhibit coordinated by the AARP called "Art Across the Ages".
Note: Lyric Gallery is situated in the Lyric Theatre lobby and will close at 6:30pm due to the movie.

Matrix Gallery & Crafts
Matrix Gallery is pleased to welcome back Floyd Potter Abby Reczek as our Guest Artist for ART WALK on Friday June 1.
Abby is a hard working potter who is continually pushing and improving her beautiful pottery... she has always been a favorite here at the Gallery!
Meet the Artist Reception, 5:00-7:00 pm.

The Gallery at Mish Mish
Textile Artists of Virginia (TAVA) will have an exhibit at Mish Mish during the month of June. Our exhibit contains art work that was created in a "HOTS" workshop last spring where we used various fabrics to construct collages, melted the fabrics and added embellishments such as beads and embroidery to each piece. The work is very creative and unique..
Meet the artist reception with light refreshments

Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea
Katie Prock - photography
Sidra Kaluska - watercolors

Perspective Gallery
Perspective Gallery will participate with the exhibit is What Color is Water? with a closing reception from 5 - 7 p.m. which is free and open to the public.
Perspective Gallery @ SECL is sponsoring the Mother's Water Justice Summit and will host guest speaker Kwoval Hi'Osik, a member of the an O’Odham Native American tribe in the Southwest who organizes around food sovereignty and land and water defense in and near the Gila River Indian Community. Kwoval has worked with several indigenous resistance campaigns including the Dakota Access Pipeline battle. She will speak at 5:30 at Perspective Gallery and then again at VT GLC at 7 p.m. during the panel discussion. Both events are free and open to the public.

With more galleries to follow....

Scavenger Hunt Details

Collect Scavenger Hunt forms from any participating gallery. Completed forms must be returned to Community Arts Information Office by 7:30pm
Winners will be chosen by a random drawing of forms with correct answers.
A minimum of 6 questions must be answered to qualify for drawing.
Please take your time to enjoy the work on display in as many galleries as possible.

Art Walks

Downtown Blacksburg Inc. Art Walks take place on the first Friday of the following months each year:
February, April, June, October and December